The Fantastic Tales of Avicenna Last –Part 2

This is part 2 of my look in to the extraordinary claims of the blogger that goes by the pseudonym “Avicenna Last.” In part 1, I discussed Avicenna’s strange and persistent habit of fabricating hate-mail to himself, which he copies from other sources on the internet. I also discussed Avicenna’s story of fleeing Kuwait in the Gulf War, and how the details of the story contradicted the known history of the event. Finally, I discussed Avicenna’s use of a charity fundraiser to earn a free trip to Nepal, the various changes in his story regarding the trip and whether or not he was even going, and his statements that he would not be donating any of his own money to the charity. In part 2, I will explore more of the fantastic claims made by the blogger Avicenna Last. Note: for this blog post, all screen captures will be placed above the text that refers to them.


The most bizarre instance of “I get mail”

Part 1 documented numerous instances where Avicenna fabricated e-mails that he claimed were to him by copy-pasting from other sources on the internet. In this instance however, Avicenna appears to have done something truly bizarre-fabricated a false rape charge against himself.

The origin of this claim appears to be this blogpost from August 8, 2013, where Avicenna posits it as a hypothetical in a post discussing false rape allegations.

In this post from August 13, 2013, Avicenna then makes the claim that someone has actually made a false allegation against him that he committed rape at TAM. Avicenna only mentions the allegation as part of a larger post, dismisses it outright, and mentions that he has never been to TAM and has an ironclad alibi.

In this comment on Ophelia Benson’s blog from August 26, 2013, known troll Oolon repeats the claim that Avicenna received a false rape allegation.

After seeing the comment by oolon, Richard Sanderson made a twitter post asking ““Richard Sanderson @RichSandersen @ool0n How many over at FfTB have had (“false”) rape allegations levelled at them? Avicenna has now joined the list. … ent-617262 …” 


After the tweet from Richard Sanderson, Avicenna posted this angry rant on his blog, where he mentioned that the false allegation was affecting his career, and where he blames Richard Sanderson for sending the e-mail (despite the fact that Richard Sanderson obviously posted his tweet after seeing oolon’s blog comment).

Avicenna then makes this comment further elaborating on the “consequences” of this false allegation. These further claims by Avicenna are absolutely bizarre. Why would Avicenna even have to report what would essentially be nothing more than a ridiculous, trolling, and anonymous e-mail? If Avicenna had to report it because his employer reads his blog, why did he even mention it on his blog post on August 13? Why is there such a drastic change in his reaction to the false claim between his posts on August 13 and August 28? TAM 2013 took place on July 11-July 14. Avicenna’s blog from that time period seems to indicate that he was still doing his medical training in India, and still blogging as usual. If he was working/training with the charity organization in India at the time of the allegation, why would the charity even investigate this at all? Also, Avicenna claims that the charity had to pay for chaperones to accompany him at work at all times. Yet he then claims that he missed out on 120 hours of work/training. Why would the charity hire chaperones if they did not allow him to work?

It is strange indeed that the allegation supposedly made to Avicenna in an anonymous e-mail is exactly the same allegation that he used as a hypothetical example in a blogpost just a few days prior. As I showed in part 1, Avicenna has an extensive, documented history of fabricating “hate-mail” e-mails that he claims to receive. It appears that in this case, the most likely explanation is that this “allegation” is just yet another instance of an “I get mail” post fabricated by Avicenna.

Claims of working disaster relief during the Hyderabad Bombings

In this post, Avicenna writes about the hardships of treating victims from the 2013 Hyderabad bombings. The Hyderabad bombings occurred on February 21, 2013. Avicenna lived near Chennai at the time of the Hyderabad bombings. Chennai is approximately 640 km from Hyderabad and is approximately 9 hours away by car. It is completely implausible that bombing victims with life threatening injuries would be transported to a smaller city so far away. Did Avicenna travel to Hyderabad to assist in the relief efforts? His blog posts seem to indicate otherwise. On February 22, he posted this lengthy screed on “Reducing Abortion.” Also on February 22, he posted this lengthy “I Get Mail” piece. He also made three
posts on February 21. He also made two more
posts on February 23 after his “Age of Kali – Hyderabad” post.


Claims of working rape protests in Delhi





In this post (also here, here, here , and probably a few other places I missed), Avicenna writes about providing medical assistance to rioters protesting gang rapes in Delhi, India. He specifically refers to helping at a protest on “Raisana[sic] Hill” and claims that he tended to victims of tear gas. Avicenna was most likely referring to a protest on Raisina Hill, which happened on December 22, 2012. At the time, Avicenna claimed to live near Chennai, which is approximately 1089 miles(straight line distance) from Delhi. What was Avicenna doing at the time of the Raisina Hill protest? He was busy blogging. On December 22, 2012, Avicenna posted a lengthy blogpost on “the problem of morality.” On that same day, he posted another lengthy blogpost about the National Rifle Association. On December 23, 2012, he posted a lengthy screed about Charles Darwin. He does actually appear to have attended this protest in Chennai on December 29, which he has posted photographs of and describes as calm with a low turnout.

New claims about ASTI made on “”

In a comment to this article, posted on May 23, 2014, Avicenna makes new claims regarding the charity ASTI. Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) is the charity that was discussed in part 1. ASTI is the charity that Avicenna was fundraising for in order to earn a free trip to Nepal. In this comment, Avicenna claims that he used to work treating victims of acid burns. This contradicts claims that Avicenna has made in other places.

In the above quote from his fundraising page, Avicenna makes it clear that he would like to someday help ASTI by working in their clinic, but that he feels he does not yet have the skills to do so.

In the above tweet, Avicenna clearly states that his intention was to work in the ASTI clinic at a later date. That tweet is from December 22, 2014.



In the above two conversations from December 17, 2014, Avicenna reiterates that he plans to work for ASTI at a later date. He further mentions that he currently has an obstacle that prevents him from working in their clinic-he doesn’t speak Nepalese.

All of the above screen captures demonstrate that claim in Avicenna’s comment on “”, stating that he had previously worked treating acid b urn victims, is false. Additionally, Avicenna’s comment claims that ASTI wanted to sue for “IP theft” over the use of an image in a photoshop, but did not have the money to hire lawyers. That claim is ludicrous, as the photoshopped image in question constitutes “fair use”, and, despite being in poor taste, causes no actual harm to ASTI or their charitable operations.

The contradictory tales of typhoon relief

Typhoon Haiyan made land fall in the Philippines on November 8, 2013, causing enormous damage and creating a large humanitarian crisis.

In this post from November 9, 2013, Avicenna discusses the typhoon and states that he will not be participating in the relief efforts due to the fact that he is sick with both sinusitis and tonsillitis. He does make a suggestion for where readers should donate if they want to help.


In this post from November 12, 2013, Avicenna does an extensive critique of an advertisement that he found offensive. At the end of the post he mentions that he “got the call to move out” for the typhoon relief. It does seem extremely implausible that he was able to compose that lengthy blogpost while he was on the ground doing Typhoon relief. It seems very unlikely that he would even be able to get the necessary internet connection to post to his blog that soon after the Typhoon hit. A possible explanation is that this blog post was written while he was preparing to deploy to the Philippines?

This post from reddit, time stamped from November 12, 2013, seems to eliminate that possibility.

The next blog post from November 12 asks readers to donate money instead of clothing or food.

On November 19, 2013, Avicenna made a post entitled “Toofan”. As you can see from the snippet above, in this post Avicenna tells of his heroic and arduous work in assisting with typhoon relief efforts. He also discusses how dire the situation still is, and how relief efforts are going to need to continue for a long time. As you can see, he writes the post from the perspective of someone who is on the ground in the Philippines, actively working typhoon relief.

The end of the post also contained the strange snippet shown above. There, Avicenna seems to be saying that he had planned to help with the typhoon but had cancelled. That is actually consistent with Avicenna’s first post about the typhoon from November 9. At this point, the story becomes even more confused. His next blog post, also from November 19th, is a lengthy criticism of a guest post on “The Friendly Atheist” blog. He also posted this on November 19th. On November 20th, Avicenna posted these
posts . In fact, starting on November 19th, Avicenna’s blog resumes like normal, with no mention made of the time in the Philippines, or even the return trip! Although Avicenna gives no further details of his heroics during the typhoon relief, on November 22nd, he posted a detailed story of a more pedestrian episode of his heroism, where he saved the life of a woman having seizures on a commuter train.

Did Avicenna tell PZ Myers that he was called to perform an autopsy in an internationally notorious rape/murder case?

In this comment on a post about a horrific gang-rape/murder in India, PZ Myers states that Avicenna was called in to conduct the autopsies for this case. This is an implausible claim, as Avicenna at the time was a newly graduated trainee doctor, and the crime occurred in Katra, Uttar Pradesh, which is 2101 km from where he works/trains near Chennai. Note that Avicenna did not make this claim himself; however, it is doubtful that PZ just made this claim up out of thin air. Avicenna has already demonstrated that he will make up personal involvement in major events in India- he did this for the Hyderabad bombings as well as the Delhi rape riots. It seems highly likely that the source of this statement by PZ Myers is a private conversation with Avicenna or a discussion on the Freethoughtblogs backchannel.

The hardest working doctor on the internet-Avicenna in his own words

90+ hours a week, including a 72 hour shift where 72 hours are somehow compressed into the time between Tuesday, 8am and Wednesday, 8 pm.


12 hour days, 7 days a week.

Wake up at 5:30am, go to bed at midnight, cycle 6km a day.

Even though he just recently became a doctor this year, he talks about doing work performing free eye surgeries in impoverished areas.

He is also travelling around the world to assist victim of female genital mutilation.

He compares criticism he received on twitter and YouTube to the suffering endured by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Malala.

Despite his herculean workload, Avicenna also manages to be one of the most prolific bloggers on FTB (152 pages and counting). In addition to his blogging, he is also a prolific poster on reddit. Despite his busy schedule, he also finds time to be a gamer. Let’s also not forget his 10k+ tweets on Twitter. Also, remember the countless hours he has to spend on the internet looking for material for his “I get mail” posts.


The conclusion to be drawn from all this is simple-Avicenna is a compulsive liar and is full of shit. There is simply no way to determine how much (if any) of what he claims is true. It is my opinion that no reasonable person can trust that anything he says is true without some sort of independent corroboration of his claim.


9 thoughts on “The Fantastic Tales of Avicenna Last –Part 2

  1. franc

    I feel so dirty reading these two posts that I need a shower. I caught Avicenna out on a few self-serving scams, but the full extent of his chicanery is nauseating. And well beyond my worst assumptions about him.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Astrokid NJ

    Holy cow.. solid expose bro. I am only half way through and have to run, but I will leave a comment.

    I usually dont read this rambling buffoon Avicenna, except for his attacks on my fellow MRAs. Sad to say, he’s from the same native-country as me.. India.
    I caught this buffoon lying in a blogpost about 2 years ago, and exposed him. The buffoon did not have the integrity to acknowledge and fix the error in the blogpost.

    Avicenna / Million_Gods of FTB a liar whose reading skills are slave to ideology. Lies about Punishment for Rape in India

    Re: him caring for the injured after the Hyderabad bomb blasts..
    wow.. the hero rushed in from Chennai (there is no way the patients get transferred from Hyd to Chennai.. we cant afford such), and yet blogged gazillion-word posts on either side of the day of the event. On the same day.. Feb 23.. he posts ‘Dear Russia’, reasonably long. And next day, ‘Matt Barber – An open letter to gay teens’.. quite long. And I see he mentions his presence in Hyd in passing.. i.e no description of travel, no description of what prompted him to travel, nothing. And no posts from Feb 24 to Feb 28.. and no mention of return from Hyd.
    And I am sure the patients were in a Government Hospital.. which is free in India.. and I wonder how open they will be to accepting the services of an unknown outsider like Avicenna.

    Re: him and treating the victims of “tear gas” in the Delhi rape protests..
    wow.. he threw in “I dont see race.. some guy said its akin to black doctors treating injured KKK”.. LOL Confirmed. This guy is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.


    1. elcoolarrow Post author

      Of all the claims that he has made, I just assumed that him serving as a medic at the Delhi rape riots was probably true. I was actually surprised that this claim turned out to be a lie too.I only checked it after I discovered the lie about the Hyderabad bombings. Literally nothing that man says can be trusted.


  3. Matt

    Avi is a fabulist of the first order. Given his numerous documented fabrications, one must question the veracity of every single claim he makes. There’s no reason to assume he’s even a physician, or lives in India.


    1. franc

      Mahatma Munchausen. As I speculated in part 1 – would not surprise me a bit if he’s some unemployed loser in Britain, like Amina A. turned out to be.


    2. elcoolarrow Post author

      I completely agree. Applying even the slightest bit of scrutiny to this clown’s claims just uncovers an ever-increasing stream of more lies and bullshit. I am sure that anyone willing to enact the labor could write several more articles with different lies that are just as damning as the ones I have exposed.

      Liked by 1 person

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